If you don’t want to read: Use Blue Light Blocking glasses in the evening two hours before bed and early morning before natural sunlight hits your eyes to hack your sleep.

Of all the hacks we know for health, sleep is least expensive and provides the greatest bang for the buck. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t heal properly, your stress levels will be much higher, your hormones will be unbalanced, and you will age at a faster rate.  Many people getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night wake up exhausted and weak because the quality of sleep is poor.  One of the reasons is due to excessive screen time, especially before bed.  Not only is this because things that tend to keep your attention feed off your fear, but also because your screen on your phones.

iPhones, TVs, Kindle Readers, etc.  All these devices use artificial blue light in their displays.  Unfortunately, blue light stimulates your photoreceptors cells to stay awake and alert. This is ideal during the day but can wreak havoc on your Circadian Rhythms (CR).  CR are 24-hour cycles that let our bodies know when to perform essential functions.  Your body craves rhythm and habits.  With inconsistent rhythms, your body systems aren’t optimized.  With excessive blue light exposure, your body has no idea of when to sleep, repair, etc.  Blue light exposure at night suppresses melatonin production.  Melatonin is your sleep hormone.  If you can’t make the right amount of melatonin, your sleep will suffer.

Historically, our days began with sunlight and ended with sunset.  This perfectly set our CR.  Screens and artificial blue light have changed all that.  To improve your sleep, the first step is to normalize your CR. Properly timed light exposure is one of the best thing for normalizing CR.

How?  With a simple, cheap biohack.  If you don’t want to make any changes to your lifestyle, at least start here.  Get blue light blocking glasses.  You can wear them at least two hours before bedtime.  

There are tons of options. But I use three pairs.  I started with these (click here). My biggest complaint here was I couldn’t fit prescription glasses underneath them.  If you want to spend $90, they’re great, but not necessary.

If you don’t use glasses, you may consider these. For just over $10 you get 98% of blue light blocked.  

Currently, for glasses users, I use these.  They allow you to use prescription lenses underneath the blue light blockers.  You can also use with or without prescription lenses.  

Sleep is the best time for your body to repair because you’re doing nothing.  Sleep is the “Best Bang for the Buck” hack you can use, because it’s free!  All energy is focused on repair…skin, organs, muscle, etc.  Sleep is essential for healing, performance, and beauty.  Optimizing your sleep is essential for your longevity.

How to use?  About two hours before bed, put them on.  If you wake up to use the bathroom, put them on as you walk there.  When you wake up, before looking at your phone, put them on.  Keep them on until you see sunlight outside.  Then go outside for a few minutes when you see light so the first blue light to hit your eyes is natural.  Stare at the sun if before 10 am and you’ll get a healthy dose of that healing RED LIGHT.  Helping normalize your CR is the first and most important step in great sleep!

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