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We’ve previously addressed spot burning for FAT LOSS through ‘Red Light Therapy’. Now, we can address spot building muscle to further help with body contouring.
First, it is important to understand the basics of muscle growth. You build muscle by using the muscle. Your body adapts to stress. This is a law of nature. If you train with weights for long enough or intense enough, your body will adapt to that stress with stronger muscles. With stronger muscles, eventually comes growth. This is a law of nature and it goes well beyond muscle growth too. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes from every sport use weights to stress the muscle to a point that the muscle has to adapt to the environment. When the muscle gets stronger, it will eventually increase in size, either from an increase in the number of muscle cells and/or the size of the individual muscle fibers. And this is why athletes look so good.

How it works?

Lifting weights doesn’t necessarily build muscles, it stresses them.  The muscle building comes when you rest and heal.  After the stimulus to the muscle has been applied, such as lifting weights, the muscle fibers are broken down.  Then, the body must go and adapt to that stress.  Your body adapts to that by repairing the muscle and growing them bigger and stronger. 

The Regenesis ‘Body Shaper’ works exactly the same way. However, instead of using motion and dumbbells to apply the stimulus to the muscle, the Regenesis Body Shaper applies focused electromagnetic energy to cause a short term burst of intense maximal contraction of the muscle.  Just as with lifting weights, the muscles are forced to adapt to this extreme muscle contraction.  Once you’re finished with your Regenesis Body Shaper session, over the next few weeks, your body will gradually deeply reshape and repair the internal structure and density of the muscles, in exactly the area (s) you want to reshape, such as your glute or abdominal muscles.

It should not replace exercise for the health benefits of exercise.  But the Regenesis Body Shaper does fill a great niche for the aesthetics component of muscle building and toning.

What are the results? What are the advantages?

Weightlifting is one of our favorite forms of exercise. But there are areas in the body which are not only difficult to target but also happen to be muscles that really make the body look attractive, such as the glutes, abs, and quads. The Regenesis Body Shaper eliminates this problem. It targets exactly the area(s) you want to shape in a quicker amount of time than traditional exercise. This is the greatest advantage.

The second greatest benefit of the Regenesis Body Shaper is that it is impossible to generate the amount of workload to your muscles in such a short session on your own. In fact, it’s probably impossible to generate the workload of one Regenesis Body Shaper session even with months of working out. How can you possibly contract the muscles 20,000 times in 30 minutes? With the Regenesis Body Shaper, you will get an incredible workload in a short period of time. It also only generally takes 6 visits over 2-3 weeks. Yes, that is all.

With weightlifting, you are limited by the number of contractions you can do in a period of time. However, with the Regenesis Body Shaper, you can contract your muscles over 20,000 times in 30 minutes, in the areas that count, such as the abs, the thighs, and the glutes.

With the Regenesis Body Shaper, since the joints don’t contract, it’s very safe, compared to lifting and lowering weights. Additionally, if you have an injury that prevents you from doing a spot building exercise, this can help because you don’t risk injury to your joints. This is because the electromagnetic field induces the contraction, not your movement. And the best glute building workout are squats. However, squats are very dangerous and more prone to injury, no matter how good your form is because of the damage to the discs.

For people who do not work out regularly or cannot get that toned look they they are looking for, this is a great alternative. A very unique benefit of this is that you don’t get sore because there is no lactic acid produced. Once you finish each session, your muscles will feel tired, but not sore.

To complement our FAT LOSS spot burning services, we can also address spot building for muscle growth and toning with our Regenesis Body electromagnetic muscle shaper.

You’ll see the best results in 2-4 weeks after 6 consistent sessions (2-3x a week).

Next Steps

This is not a substitute for your exercise program at your gym and your cardiovascular program. It is for body shaping and muscle toning only. You are only getting the benefits of aesthetics with this technology, not the necessarily the health benefits of exercise. The people that would benefit most from this are those who are looking for a jumpstart to the gym or others who have struggled working out and want some site enhancement.

Whatever your goals are, set up a consultation to see if this can help you with your body shaping and muscle toning needs. How else can you do the equivalent of 49000 sit ups or crunches in 45 minutes?

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