The Easiest Way to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure for Free… or about $10

SUMMARY:  When you don’t need information at an instant, protect yourself from EMFs by turning off or unplugging or with an electronic timer. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy associated with electrical useage.  There are a few ways to classifications of EMFs. Non-Ionizing EMFs include microwaves, Smart Meters from your power […]

Transformation – Female in 40s Ready for a Whole Body Transformation

Client was referred into our clinic by her mother who also got tremendous results on one of our programs. In just 1.5 months, she lost 5.6% in body fat. Call us today and start the transformation to attain the ‘Regenesis Body’ you’ve always wanted. Starting Waist Measurement: 29” (main concern)|Starting Body Fat: 30%Ending Waist Measurement: […]

Jen’s Complete Transformation Success Story

Former fitness model in early 50s, therapist, and author had been struggling with weight and fat loss for years until discovering Regenesis Health & Body. She had been seeking a solution to menopausal weight gain and hormone imbalance before starting our ‘Whole Body Makeover’ program. Fast forward, 1.5 months later, Jen lost 20 lbs., 17 […]

Better Quality of Sleep for $10?

If you don’t want to read: Use Blue Light Blocking glasses in the evening two hours before bed and early morning before natural sunlight hits your eyes to hack your sleep. Of all the hacks we know for health, sleep is least expensive and provides the greatest bang for the buck. If you don’t sleep […]