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The Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program blends our all natural supplementation, meal planning and interactive real-time app to help you lose weight within an encouraging timeframe.

On average, women lose 15-25 lbs. and men lose 25-35 lbs. in just over one month.

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What is the Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program?

What is the Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program?

The Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss program is 4-6 week program designed to help you lose the stubborn weight you have not been able to do successfully on your own. The program blends our Regenesis all natural supplementation, meal planning, and interactive real-time proprietary app monitoring to help you lose weight at an accelerated and healthy way. On average, women lose about 15-25 pounds in 1.5 months and men lose about 25-35 pounds in 1.5 months on our Healthy Living Weight Loss program.

*We can manage this in person at our state of the clinic OR even virtually if you are not local to San Diego/Carlsbad.
**For anyone who is insulin dependent, please consult with your physician before scheduling.

Why doesn’t exercise always work to lose weight?

There is no exercise required for our programs. Although exercise is great for health and fitness, it just adds an additional stress to the body when trying to lose weight. This means more energy consumption is necessary, and the tendency is always to eat more. Attempting to lose weight through exercise alone can result in fatigue, extremely slow weight loss, and/or burnout and despair when it doesn’t work. Exercise is a great way to get fit and strong, but it is a slow way to lose weight and inches. Many of you have plateaued or have seen minimal results on losing weight with exercise alone.

What about Semaglutides?

Semaglutide drugs reduce appetite by delaying gastric emptying and reducing intestinal motility. Obviously, with food in your system longer, you’ll feel fuller. However, slowing down the digestive system can create other adverse effects. It can create constipation, which eventually can cause explosive diarrhea. Other common effects of this can include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Sub-clinically, slower motility can allow toxins to be reabsorbed back into the colon, increasing the toxic load on the body. Innately, the body knows exactly the speed of digestion for your own body, and slowing that with a chemical can produce adverse effects. Additionally, the shot is taken 2x/wk and can cost about $1000 a month.

Though you can lose weight this way, you’re still able to consume foods with poor nutritional content, thereby becoming totally dependent on an expensive drug for weight loss while potentially toxifying your body in the process. Fact: You could just lower your caloric intake on your own and get similar results.
Additionally, when you get off these drugs, your weight gain can return because you have not changed your lifestyle without them.

Ultimately, drugs and surgery address the effects of lifestyle decisions. Adding these additional stresses in or to the body do not necessarily break the cause and cycle responsible for weight, fat, and inch gain. And because the cycle isn’t broken, higher doses of drugs and more surgeries can become necessary just to “maintain.” It becomes an endless cycle.

How does the Regenesis Weight Loss or Whole Body Makeover Program Work?

1. We first review your health history and your desired goals.
2. We then take your body composition to determine the best program for you.

Through the Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program, we provide:


Proprietary mobile app for real time monitoring and communication


Specific all natural supplementation to support the endocrine system


Anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic meal planning


Monitored Intermittent fasting


Personalized staff support

Through our flagship program, the Regenesis ‘Whole Body Makeover’, we provide:

1. Everything listed in the above Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program PLUS advanced equipment to target the reduction of stubborn fat and tone specific areas.

2. Yes! While you are losing weight following the Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program (as you cannot spot burn fat on your own), we also use advanced equipment to target additional reduction of stubborn fat.

3. Then, we use our Regenesis Body Shaper to tone and sculpt the “hard to get” areas (such as the abdomen and upper arms).

4. Essentially, our system allows you to 'sculpt and define' your body as you are losing weight to create your ideal figure.

The Final Result is the body you have always dreamt of without drugs, surgery or any downtime.

Yes, in weeks (depending on your starting point and goals), you can naturally create your dream body. Once you’ve completed the program, you can also use this system to maintain your new figure while simultaneously enjoying weekends without restrictions. This is done with no drugs, no surgery, and no downtime. The short timeframe to complete the program only makes it even more motivating. We are very confident that it will provide a new beginning to your life. It’s incredible!

*Virtual Weight Loss Program:

For those who are not local to Carlsbad/San Diego area, we can manage the ‘Regenesis Healthy Living’ weight loss program with clients remotely. Yes! You can live anywhere in the country and do our weight loss program. This works great and we can monitor your program progress in real time with our Regenesis proprietary app coupled with weekly Zoom calls. You will receive the same care and attention as our local clients (just minus the body contouring treatment sessions). Even with our remote clients, women lose about 15-25 pounds in 1.5 months and men lose about 25-35 pounds in 1.5 months.

How can I get started?


Complete Intake Form

Complete this intake form by letting us know your health history and what your goals are.



Schedule a no charge consult to discuss your goals and learn more about the program.


Sign up

Sign up to get started on the program!

Program Kit


Once your promotional offer payment is processed, we will ship you our Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program Kit or if you are local, you can pick it up from our clinic.


25 Minute Webinar

Once you've received the kit, we will have a 25 minute webinar to review the program in detail.

Pictures and Measurements


Before you start, you can come into our clinic for one of our patient care specialists to take your body comp, 'before' pictures, and measurements.
*If you are not local, we will provide a guide for you to take your own body comp, before pictures, and measurements (you will then email this to us).


Start Losing Weight!

START the program!
From this point, you will have all the information and supplies you need. We will then communicate, guide and monitor you daily through our 'Regenesis Client Success' App.

Progress Review


In just over one month or less, we will review your final results with you (before and after pictures, body comps, and measurements).

It's that simple and we are very confident you will love your results!​


Jen's Health & Body Makeover Experience

Lisa's Health & Body Makeover Experience

Erica's Health & Body Makeover Experience

Nilofar's Health & Body Makeover Experience

I came in because I saw my nieces transformation. For years I was unable to lose weight. I tried many things to lose weight, to lose my love handles & extra fatty areas. I would go to the gym often and see no results. Up until I came here and saw real results, I got my flat stomach I’ve always wanted! My arms drastically changed I was insecure about my big arms and Red Light is the only thing that has helped! I learned a new way of living, I love my new body and lifestyle I can have fun and still keep my results I finished in June and still look and feel good. Thank you Lorena & Regenesis team for my transformation!

Ananeli C.

Beyond happy that I found Regenesis! I had the best experience here and I hope you do too. The team has stellar customer service. I was able to lose my goal weight in the amount of time that I set out to. I was able to lose 15.6 lbs in 4 weeks and I feel better than I have in years. Thank you to Regenesis and the team for helping me go through the journey and achieve my goal.


Bailey B.

Can not say enough great things about this place! Love every single person on the staff and their program works- I am so happy I found this place and the 6 week program was the best thing I have done!! Can not recommend more!


Jessica S.

The service is exceptional!
My wife and I did the program together and we really appreciated the one on one attention. Everyone always greeted us by name and always supportive on us reaxhing our goals. I lost almost 30 pounds. I really like the red light therapy program. I lost 6 inches off my waist and 27 inches in other part of my boda like my chin, back, and face. The entire experience exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend.


Carl C.

Helped me get the body of my dreams!!! I love this place! Highly recommend!!! The staff is amazing and super attentive as well.


Katie F.

This word says it all.
I’m entering my 65th birthday soon and my goal when I get there is to be Healthy in every aspect of my life.
My experience with these amazing people was fabulous!! They have all the tools to give you;, support, strength, patience, healthy habits, motivation, is like they take your hand in order to go trough all the steps to reach your goal in such short time.
They are so passionate about what they do and that made me appreciate them very much.
Thank you so much REGENESIS!


Maria B.

I learned about Regenesis Health and Body through my sister-in-law who had lost 30 lbs with them. I have been looking for a weight loss program that I could do for the rest of my life instead of the yo-yo dieting. I was tired all the time and because of an ankle injury I stopped exercising. In just a month and a half I lost 31 lbs, I feel so much better and have energy to do things. The staff is great and are encouraging throughout the process. I recommend Regenesis Health and Body to anyone wanting to lose weight in a healthy way.

Carol D.

Regenesis Health has helped me with wonderful and natural methods to improve my body and weight. The team is warm and fun! I lost 25 pounds in approximately 6 weeks. Crazy, right?!

Marjorie R.​

The weight loss food plan really helped me to focus on what and how much I eat every day. I learned so much about healthy eating habits that I will continue to employ for the rest of my life. Most importantly- during my most recent physical, my Doctor shared with me that my blood work was the best it had ever been in 30 years! I am no longer prediabetic, and my cholesterol is well within the healthy range. The program even helped relieve my arthritis symptoms! I used to have unbearable pain in my finger and wrist joints every day. Now, the pain is minimal. I feel wonderful, strong, youthful and happy.


Rita M.

At Regenesis Health & Body, we offer customized programs that can help you lose weight, reduce fat, tone muscles, and/or improve your health.
Our clients have found incredible results losing weight on our Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss Program and in using the Lipomelt Therapy and the Regenesis Body Shaper technology.
Below are a few before and after photos showing reduction in weight and fat.
*Results will vary depending on body type and base weight.
The results below show clients who have been on one of our programs ranging from four to seven weeks.

35 years old

53 years old

60 years old

52 years old

60 years old

57 years old

40 years old

57 years old

41 years old

63 years old

59 years old

45 years old

40 years old

60 years old