The journey to better health, physical appearance, and life includes a series of steps and programs involving a re-start of your health, mind and body.

At REGENESIS HEALTH & BODY, we guide you through a transformation of well-being by improving your health, pain levels, and physical appearance and condition. With the finest services and programs, we provide care and treatment options specially designed for your specific health and physical goals. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide the gold standard of Gonstead chiropractic care, body contouring, detox, weight loss, anti-aging, and other therapeutic procedures. Our goal is to help you re-start and achieve optimal health, physical condition and peak performance through our advanced programs and services.

Dr. Joseph P. Kametz, DC has practiced the Gonstead Chiropractic system, under the ‘Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic’ in Carlsbad, for almost 15 years. People come into our office for pain, headaches, migraines, and many other symptoms. Gonstead Chiropractic care can be a significant part of relieving pain and achieving optimal health. However, there are also other components of health and wellness that many patients can benefit from. In addition, improving physical appearance and weight loss became a growing demand for many patients in our clinic. After understanding the many challenges patients experienced in 2020, including weight gain, muscle loss, and aging concerns, the practice grew to expand in providing other programs and services that would enhance a person’s health and overall physical needs. The Gonstead Chiropractic system provides gentle, precise, specific, and provable results with significant changes in patient symptoms and structural changes as shown in before and after x-rays. Our other services, which include weight loss, body contouring through ‘spot’ burning fat and ‘spot’ muscle building, whole body detox, and anti-aging solutions provide patients with a re-start to their overall health and physical appearance goals.


Our mission is to keep adults and children off drugs and surgery through specific scientific Gonstead chiropractic care and non-invasive and healthy solutions to weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, whole body detox, and anti-aging.


We offer specially designed programs, services, and individual options which include Gonstead Chiropractic care, body contouring, weight loss, whole body detox and anti-aging solutions. These guided programs and services can support patients to achieve exceptional results leading to improved physical appearance and a healthier lifestyle. 

The Gonstead Difference

Chiropractors detect and correct subluxations. If your condition, whether pain or some visceral condition like asthma, is caused by a subluxation, your Gonstead Carlsbad chiropractor can help. Gonstead chiropractors work on correcting the cause of symptoms and structural spinal damage, not merely providing temporary relief of symptoms. The Gonstead chiropractic system as taught by Dr. Gohl is the most structurally and bio-mechanically specific that produces measurable results.

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Body Contouring

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Anti-Aging and Therapeutic Injections (coming soon)

Vitamin C, natural anti aging cosmetics serum ampullas and syringe

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Skip Kelley
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This man is sooooo good at what he does he should be called a magician !!! He took my beat up damaged spine and quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem. He took away my world class pain. Highly highly recommended
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I started seeing Dr. Kametz about two months ago and before I started seeing him for my chiropractic care I would get excruciating pain on my lower back. I would get home from work and lay flat on the ground and would be unable to get back up because of the pain I was in. It would take me at least 10 minutes to slowly get back up. Two months later the pain is gone! He is a great guy and the girls in the front are super nice. I occasionally bring in my son with me and he loves them since he gets a sugar free lollipop each time! I would highly recommend Dr. Kametz to friends and family.
Leslieann Bagalso
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I had heard of the Gonstead method and the all the benefits a few months ago and luckily was referred to Dr. Kametz. I was greeted with the kindest ladies in the front office who consistently provide a warm welcome each time I go in. My first visit with Dr. Kametz was thorough and well explained. After that adjustment, I felt like he unclogged a duct in my body and I immediately felt relief. He promotes good health by going back to the basics and trusting your body to help with the treatment. Each visit is timely and effective. I feel like he genuinely cares about each patient and takes the time to answer questions. I'm starting to feel like me again and look forward to the progress. Thank you all for providing excellent care and service!!!
Chad Frisch
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Fantastic Gonstead chiropractor!! Dr. Kametz has a passion for helping people live their best life and offers wonderful care. He will certainly get you and your family the results you are looking for! I couldn't recommend enough.