Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

There are a few things you need to live, and maybe none is more important than oxygen. Oxygen is how your body creates energy to run itself. Your body takes sugar and combines it with oxygen, and creates your body’s gasoline, called ATP. Without oxygen, you can’t create energy. Without energy, you can’t run the body’s processes needed to sustain life and can’t even create the nerve impulse to keep you alive.


Much of the research on oxygen in the body was done by Dr. Otto Warburg. He received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for the discovery that unlike other cells in the human body, cancer cells do not use oxygen. Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they produce energy without oxygen.

Much of Warburg’s work has been misinterpreted to say that O2 kills cancer cells. It doesn’t because if it were that easy, we could just shoot up tumors with oxygen and the person would be cured.

In the 1960s, a German researcher named Manfred Von Ardenne, pioneered ‘Oxygen Multi-Step’ therapy as a way to improve the absorption of oxygen into the body tissues. Ardenne showed a 70% reduction in metastasis with his technique.

Ardenne’s theory

What was Ardenne’s theory behind why this works? The body oxygenates itself thru the vascular system. As we go through life, we have stress that can damage the vascular system.

Any stress on the body beyond its adaptive ability can cause damage. Stress can be in the form of a trauma or many microtraumas. Stress can come in the form of toxins, and we have an environment and pharmaceutical industry filled with toxins. Stress can be in the form of hot or cold. Stress can also come from severe mental stresses. Any stressor where the body can’t adapt to can cause damage to the vascular system.

Damage triggers inflammation. The body creates inflammation; so it can heal that area. But the inflammation causes swelling of the functional size of the capillary to be smaller than the red blood cells (RBC). Whatever is downstream of this capillary will create a hypoxic environment, meaning an environment with less oxygen. If there is not enough O2 to support cell function, that cell can become senescent or dormant. They don’t die off; they just don’t work as they should.

How does Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) work?

What oxygen therapy does is create pressure that forces oxygen to “super-oxygenate” the RBC and plasma; so it may diffuse through those swollen and inflamed capillary beds. This enables the areas downstream of the damage (the areas that are not receiving oxygen) to can get oxygen. Once those dormant cells get oxygen, now they have the raw material needed to create energy. If the mitochondria can produce energy, now those cells can start working. It’s as simple as that.

One thing we continually see year after year is a degeneration of our own health and abilities.  Death is inevitable for all people. We are all going to die and our cells are not as efficient as they were when we were younger. Every year skin sags a bit more, energy levels are a bit lower, and our sex hormones are a bit less efficient.  This is going to happen.

But it shouldn’t have to happen so quickly. Aging happens but you should age at a normal rate. Any stresses your body can’t adapt to will create a situation where your body must fight to survive (fight or flight). If this damage is never corrected, your body can age at a faster rate. Using oxygen therapy can be a way to slow this process and get aging back to a normal rate.
There are two different ways to “super-oxygenate” the body under pressure. One is extremely well-known due to the case with Michael Jackson who was reported to sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOT – hyper baric oxygen therapy). How this works is the chamber you lay down in is pressurized, somewhere between 1.25-3x normal atmospheric pressure. The chamber is filled with 100% medical grade oxygen that you breathe in and it uses the pressure of the chamber to break thru these inflamed and swollen capillaries; so it may oxygenate the dormant cells.
However, a few things you need to note here. First, all the research done on HBOT is on very expensive chambers. The cheapest ones ($10k and inflatable) can only achieve 1.25 atmospheric pressure. However, the research shows that the minimum pressure used is 1.4 atmospheric pressure. For medical and commercial applications, the chambers can reach 2-3 atmospheric pressure but they cost between $500k-$1.5M. So to achieve the therapeutic and health benefits, you’ll need to buy a very expensive one, or shell out $500 for an hour to use one of them. Additionally, the FDA has only cleared these for 13 diagnosis, including burn victims, scuba diving decompression illness, gangrene from a spider bite or similar. Things that do not occur very often. It can also take 30-100 sessions to see the results you are looking to achieve. Therefore, although extremely useful, it’s a bit impractical for people timewise and financially to do this. The people that may benefit most from this are truly deconditioned people that can’t even exercise or move well.
Manfred Von Ardenne used human physiology to raise the pressure of oxygen delivery. He simply used exercise. With exercise, your body innately increases heart rate and blood pressure, all while increasing the functional size of the capillaries via vasodilation. When the optimal heart rate is hit, oxygen is released into the system, supersaturating the plasma and red blood cells.
Think of a garden hose. When you turn it on, the water just spills out. Put your thumb in front of the hose and then release, it’s blasts out. Now, you have created the condition where the supersaturated plasma can blast thru the capillary beds providing the oxygen necessary to the downstream hypoxic tissue cells.

Recent updates to Von Ardenne’s approach initially incorporated decreasing the oxygen content to the subject to about 10%.  Normal sea level oxygen content is over 20%.  What this does is add an additional stress to the subject.  This method starves the subject of oxygen, causing vasodilation deep into the capillary beds. When the full oxygen is released, the pressure combined with the oxygen starvation ensures an even better absorption of oxygen.  Using this technique, now therapy can be as little as 15 minutes and achieving a far greater efficacy.

Results can be achieved in as little as 4-7 visits, with maximized results in 10-20 visits. 

Who is an ideal candidate for this?

Anyone that had an oxygen related injury or a brain injury can benefit from this.  Think of the brain hitting the skull and bruising that tissue, massive inflammation shutting and closing off the capillaries with no oxygen getting thru.  Think of what happens with a concussion or a stoke.  In any cardiovascular incident, oxygen is not getting to the cells.  Von Ardenne observed about a 70% decrease in metastasis from his ‘Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy’.  This is not because the oxygen was killing the cancer, but because the surrounding tissues were inflamed from the pressure of the size of the tumor, making the vasculature smaller and leaving those tissues unhealthy and a fertile ground for spreading.  Forcing oxygen to those areas can now keep those surrounding tissues oxygenated, containing the spread.  Patients who suffer with toxicity issues, have a history of drug abuse or medications, or mental stress way too high (causing fight or flight where the body breaking is down) can benefit from this therapy.

Want to live longer?  We can guarantee if you cut oxygen supply, you won’t live as long.  You may not be the person you used to be with aging or other stresses or trauma that occurred in your life.  These accumulated stresses over the years may have caused damage to the vascular system, triggering inflammation, shutting down oxygen supply, and decreasing the cells’ functional ability. These factors may have affected your quality of life and overall health.  All this shows up on how poorly you are performing or even look. This could show up in medical symptoms or energy and productivity levels.  Add some oxygen, a sound understanding of physiology, and a little effort on your part through ‘oxygen multi-step therapy’ to get you back in the game. And now you can regain some of that lost function.   Contact our office today for a no charge consultation on how you can benefit from our Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) program.

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