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Regenesis Health has helped me with wonderful and natural methods to improve my body and weight. The team is warm and fun! I lost 25 pounds in approximately 6 weeks. Crazy, right?!

Marjorie R.


After following the program for 6 weeks, I was able to lose more than 10lbs! You have to be fully committed to yourself and stick to the plan that Regenesis have for you.

Lucy N.


Excellent experience! I stayed the same weight while able to lose body fat and increase muscle mass which is exactly what I wanted going into this new experience. The staff is beyond amazing.

Kory I.

Lose inches on targeted areas with Regenesis Lipomelt Light Therapy

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Lose inches in targeted areas. Two sections are included in promotional offer.

Accelerates weight loss, increases energy, and improves muscle strength.

We assess your current weight, body fat %, muscle mass %, and BMI.

We want to know what your goals are. We will review your current state (weight, body fat%, muscle mass%, and BMI) and desired goals. Then, we develop a plan with realistic timelines to achieve your goals quickly!

Our Patient Care Specialists provide personalized support through your journey.

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"I came in because I saw my nieces transformation. For years I was unable to lose weight. I tried many things to lose weight, to lose my love handles & extra fatty areas. I would go to the gym often and see no results. Up until I came here and saw real results, I got my flat stomach I’ve always wanted! My arms drastically changed I was insecure about my big arms and Red Light is the only thing that has helped! I learned a new way of living, I love my new body and lifestyle I can have fun and still keep my results I finished in June and still look and feel good. Thank you Lorena & ReGenesis team for my transformation!" -Ananeli C.

"I learned about Regenesis Health and Body through my sister-in-law who had lost 30 lbs with them. I have been looking for a weight loss program that I could do for the rest of my life instead of the yo-yo dieting. I was tired all the time and because of an ankle injury I stopped exercising. In just a month and a half I lost 31 lbs, I feel so much better and have energy to do things. The staff is great and are encouraging throughout the process. I recommend Regenesis Health and Body to anyone wanting to lose weight in a healthy way.
-Carol D.

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