What better way to prep for a wedding than by doing the Whole Body Makeover Lite lasting only one month!

Main focus of client:

1. Waist (always thought her body figure was blocky)

2. Arms (didn’t like how they looked when she tried on her wedding dress)

Quick summary:

•             Came in 3 weeks before her wedding.

•             Lost 3 inches off her waist & 1 inch off her arms in as little of 2 weeks.

•             Lost 10.2% of body fat.

•             Looked at wedding pictures & was pleased with how her arms looked

•             Completed 12 Red light & 6 Shaper sessions.

•             Lost 12.4 pounds (She had one more week of the program when she got back from the honeymoon, but we did our best to accommodate her timeframe)

Waist Measurements: Pre- 27  Post- 24    Arms Measurements: Pre- 9.5  Post- 8.5

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