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How do we gradually gain weight and why do conventional methods to lose weight not always work?

The body gains weight in response to stress on the body (different forms include physical, chemical, electron magnetic, mental, or emotional). Stress puts the body into Fight-or-Flight, which is a primitive survival mechanism. Stress today is not running away from a charging wooly mammoth. It’s more like work and family responsibilities, limited amounts of time or finances, and/or responding to social media posts. These non-life-threatening stresses put our bodies into a constant state of low-grade Fight or Flight response. When your body is in Flight or Flight, the body intelligently conserves and stores energy because the body is fearful of when the next meal will be. So every year, you’re eating about the same amounts of food, but because your body is conserving energy, it costs fewer calories to run the body’s processes due to the body’s conservation of energy. The extra calories we eat can be stored as fat. This causes gradual weight gain, 5 pounds this year, 10 pounds the next, and so on. And before we know it, we are shifting our clothes to the next size up. And this weight gain will continue until you make a real change, a complete reset.

Why doesn’t exercise always work to lose weight?

Although exercise is the best thing for fitness, it just adds an additional stress to the body. This means more energy consumption is necessary, and the tendency is always to eat more. Attempting to lose weight through exercise alone can result in fatigue, extremely slow weight loss, and/or burnout and despair when it doesn’t work. Exercise is a great way to get fit and strong, but it is the s-l-o-w-e-s-t way to lose weight and inches. Many of you have plateaued or have seen minimal results with exercise alone.

What about Semaglutides?

Semaglutide drugs reduce appetite by delaying gastric emptying and reducing intestinal motility. Obviously, with food in your system longer, you’ll feel fuller. However, slowing the digestive system down can create other adverse effects. It can create constipation, which eventually can cause explosive diarrhea. Other common effects of this can include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Sub clinically, slower motility will allow toxins to be reabsorbed back into the colon increasing the toxic load on the body. Innately, the body knows exactly the speed of digestion for your own body, and slowing that with a chemical can produce adverse effects. Additionally, the shot is taken 2x/wk and can cost about $1000 a month.

Though you may lose weight this way, you’re still able to consume foods with poor nutritional content, thereby becoming totally dependent on an expensive drug for weight loss while toxifying your body in the process. TRUTH: You could just lower your calories on your own and get the same results you would with Semaglutides.

Ultimately, drugs can increase the chemical stress on the body since they are a foreign chemical in our bodies, which can later further perpetuate the stress-weight gain cycle. Additionally, when you get off the drugs, your weight gain can return because you have not changed your lifestyle. Surgery involves trauma, creating a severe amount of stress to the body. And if lifestyle doesn’t change after surgery, weight gain can ensue.

Ultimately, drugs and surgery address the effects of lifestyle decisions. Adding these additional stresses in the body do not necessarily break the stress cycle responsible for weight, fat, and inch gain. Because the cycle isn’t broken, higher doses of drugs and more surgeries can become necessary to “maintain.” It becomes an endless cycle until the stress cycle is broken, or your health is.

Why a reset is needed?

The stress cycle continues to perpetuate itself until it’s broken. Stress causes the body to store fat and lower the metabolism. Stress encourages overeating. Overeating encourages storage, thus putting more stress on the body. And the cycle continues to repeat, year after year, pound after pound. Without a reset, this process can go on indefinitely.

The Regenesis Way to Lose Weight

The Regenesis Healthy Living Weight Loss program is 4-6 week program designed to help you lose the stubborn weight you have not been able to do successfully on your own. The program blends our Regenesis all natural supplementation, daily meal planning, one on one personal coaching, and interactive real-time proprietary app monitoring to help you lose weight at an accelerated and healthy way. On average, women lose about 15-25 pounds in 1.5 months and men lose about 25-35 pounds in 1.5 months on our Healthy Living Weight Loss program. However, we customize programs for people who would like to lose more or less weight.

The Final Result is the body you have always dreamt of without drugs, surgery or any downtime.

Yes, in weeks (depending on your starting point and goals), you can naturally create your dream body. Once you’ve completed the program, you can also use this system to maintain your new figure while simultaneously enjoying weekends without restrictions. This is done with no drugs, no surgery, and no downtime. The short timeframe to complete the program only makes it even more motivating. It’s incredible!

**National Weight Loss Program:

For those who are not local to Carlsbad/San Diego area, we also have the ‘Regenesis Healthy Living’ weight loss program that we manage with clients remotely. Yes! You can live anywhere in the country and do our weight loss program. This works great and we can monitor your program progress in real time with our Regenesis proprietary app coupled with weekly Zoom calls. You will receive the same care and attention as our local clients (just minus the body contouring component).
**Even with our remote clients, women lose about 15-25 pounds in 1.5 months and men lose about 25-35 pounds in 1.5 months.

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