Whole Body and Mind Detox

Understanding Detoxification

Dr. BJ Palmer said that the ‘body needs not help, just no interference’.  Interference to the body comes in the form of stress, either physical, emotional, or toxins.  We can deal with physical stresses with chiropractic.  We can deal with emotional stresses with prayer and/or meditation.  But what about the barrage of chemicals and toxic burdens on the body?

Imagine the Garden of Eden, a place with pure clean water, pure clean air.  The fruits had no pesticides, no processed foods.  There were no pharmaceuticals.  There were no drugs of any kind.  A perfect environment for our lives.  Contrast that environment with this.  Since World War II, over 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been introduced into the environment.  Three thousand are produced at a rate over 1,000,000 pounds a year.  That’s at least 3 billion pounds of toxic chemicals produced annually with just 3,000 of them, not including the other 77,000.  

While emissions from vehicles and coal power plants take much of the blame, an overlooked problem is indoor air pollution.  The main source of that is from VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).  These chemicals emit gas from most of every household product you own, including your paint, lacquer, cleaning supplies, pesticides on your produce, building materials, furniture, fire retardants, office equipment, appliances, adhesives, and permanent markers. Many of these are known to cause cancer in animals, and some are either known or believed to cause cancer in humans.  The average American household uses and stores more than 60 hazardous materials, including cleaning chemicals, solvents, paints, herbicides, and pesticides.

You and your children can’t escape this. There is no more Garden of Eden.  And no matter where you go on the ocean, there’s not one place you can go where you can’t find mercury in the water.  

Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Lotion SPF 60+ uses 10% Octocrylene, which contains benzophenone, which is known by the State of CA to cause cancer, and a violation of Prop 65.  Of course, the sun which brings life to the planet gets blamed for skin cancer, and not Neutrogena.  

Regarding cancer, contrast the US and Mexico.  In Mexico, in 2012, 13 of 100,000 people allegedly die from cancer, but in America it’s 167/100000.  Today, Mexico is primarily an agrarian society. They don’t use sunblock and are in the sunshine all day.  Their use of medication, chemotherapy, and radiation is also far less than ours.  Putting risky chemicals like chemotherapy or radiation in the body no matter how well intentioned can eventually build up. Any logical thinking person can understand that this can possibly create an even more deadly environment than the cancer itself.  Remember, cancer doesn’t cause hair to fall out.  It’s the chemotherapy and radiation that causes your hair to fall out.

Our office is in Carlsbad.  Carlsbad has a desalinization plant that supplies San Diego with 7% of its water.  We have an inactive nuclear power plant on the ocean just miles north.  There is radioactive cesium at our beaches from the Fukushima disaster.  

In 2005, the Environmental Working Group on July 14, 2005, examined the umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in August and September 2004 in US hospitals.  The babies were examined for industrial chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides.  Before this study, science said that the placenta shielded cord blood and the developing baby from most chemical and pollutants.  This is a critical time in development of the baby’s organs, glands, muscles, and brain.  They found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants, with a total of 287 chemicals in the group, including pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and waste from coal and garbage.  Things like perfluorochemicals for stains and oil repellants in food packaging, textiles, and Teflon.  180 of these were confirmed to cause cancer, 217 were toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects.

Part 1

Part 2

Two things to understand from this EWG study.  1)  Since we’re already poisoned via mom at birth through the chemicals that get into her body, none of us ever really had a chance.  2) “Science” is sometimes no longer science. It’s marketing. Imagine if the scientific community vilified chemical (pharmaceutical) manufacturers, where would their grants come from?  Before this study, science had you believing that no toxins pass the placenta.  If you believe science blindly, you’re going to end up sick because of wrong science. Remember, science is not a law like gravity. Science changes constantly as new information is discovered.

Regardless of what science says, any logical thinking person can see that any toxin that is breathed, eaten, drank, or even touched may over time (if the body isn’t able to adapt under normal physiology), cause the body to change cellular structure to adapt and survive its environment.  The body can compensate for some time, but toxic chemical burdens, over the course of years and years, can logically and eventually have a consequence.  

Think your cosmetics are safe?  Look up a report called “A Poison Kiss” and you’ll see 61% of lipstick brands contain lead including L’Oreal, Cover Girl, and Dior.  

100,000 people in Flint, MI have been drinking lead-tainted water since 2014 when the lead pipes started to corrode.  In 2016, USA Today identified 2,000 water systems spanning all 50 states having excessive lead contamination over the previous 4 years.  

Lead gets stored in the bones.  The Journal of Environmental Health found that women between the ages of 65-87 with high lead levels were nearly 60% more likely to die in their 12-year study.  As you age, the bones soften and demineralize because they don’t have to hold the same muscle mass as they used to. As the bones demineralize, the lead seeps out into the bloodstream and can cause mental diseases, including dementia. 

In the 90s, companies were using Thimerosol, which is a mercury derivative, in your contact solution to protect against bacteria because mercury kills everything.  Mercury can also destroy your brain and nervous system.  Growing up, we used Mercurochrome as an anti-septic, up until 1998 when the FDA finally agreed that mercury was a neurotoxin.  Mercury is so toxic that if you break more than a thermometer full of mercury you need to call the EPA to clean it up.  Yet, it’s been used in medication and shots for years.  

Aluminum is sometimes also used in vaccines.  Though it’s denied, there can be a correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s.  Research this yourself from all different sources and independent studies. 

In 1955, 42% of people smoked.  In 1997, 24% of people smoked.  And that is hovering today around 13%. So smoking has been steadily decreasing.  Smoking has been proven to cause cancer. Yet, cancer has been increasing exponentially.

In 1930 when smoking was at an all-time high, there were only 5 deaths from lung cancer per 100,000 people.  In 1991, with smoking decreasing by at least half, that death rate skyrocketed to 76 out of 100000.  So smoking decreased almost 50%, but death rate increased 1500%.  Logically, how can smoking be the cause here?  Could other factors be adding more poisonous chemicals (like chemotherapy) added to the death toll?

Compensation and Decreasing Function of the Body

Imagine filling up your gas tank with very low quality third world gasoline.  How long do you think your Ferrari can run? If nothing else, I can assure you that it won’t run as intended. And if done long enough, you’ll see breakdowns in your new Ferrari.

The body is the same way.  Except the body has certain advantages.  Mechanical things cannot compensate or adapt; they can just be replaced.  Living things can compensate, but they can’t be replaced.  Long-term compensation will eventually cause cellular structural changes.  And now a body that was designed to function normally, is working at a lower capacity.  When that function gets low enough, the physical matter of the body can’t sustain life in its normal condition and must change structure.  When structure changes, function changes.

This is how the body compensates or adapts. In the case of lung cancer, let’s say that smoking causes lung cancer. The original cigarettes just contained tobacco and paper, but modern cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals, 70 of those are linked to cancer.  If you continually bombard your lungs with cigarette smoke year after year, those cells that are designed for normal atmospheric air are now forced to use cigarette air.  The lung cells are exposed to those chemicals and the cells must adapt to survive in this new environment.  Those cells must change structure to survive.  They adapt by making the cellular membrane more rigid to protect the organelles of the cell.  But this affects the cell’s ability to rid itself of waste products.  Since they can’t get enough oxygen, they are forced to survive on sugar.  Given enough time, these adapting cells will eventually get diagnosed as cancer.  All because the body is adapting to toxins.

Common Symptoms

How do you know you’re working at a lower capacity and your body is compensating?  Any diagnosed condition is an indicator of this.  Fatigue, chronic body aches, poor sleeping, brain fog, headaches can be common symptoms.  And you feel worse every year when you don’t make any changes.

Toxins in our environment force the body to adapt.  Toxins interfere with normal function of the cells.  Your body may be able to adapt under seemingly normal physiology, and your body has its own set of detox organs.  However, if that amount is greater than what can be processed by the detox organs, over time, those amounts will bio-accumulate and interfere with normal cellular function.  And now the body operates at a lower potential. 

Brain fog, fatigue, essential tremors, difficulty breathing, skin conditions, auto immunity, weakness, muscle aches and pains, memory loss, cardiovascular issues are just a few of the endless conditions people can experience when the body is exposed to toxins over time.

And unfortunately, living in today’s environment, you even can’t get away from it.  Toxins are everywhere. 

Whole Body and Mind Detox Program at Regenesis

So since you can’t avoid toxins, the question becomes how can you remove toxins from the body? 

  1. Breath it out via lungs
  2. Pee it out via kidneys and bladder
  3. Excrete it out via the liver and colon
  4. Sweat it out via the skin

After about 2.5 years of research on detoxing the body, we’ve developed protocols to assist your body (in its own way) to detoxing via the four pathways mentioned above:  breathe, pee, poop, sweat.

  1. Pee it out.  This is pretty easy, but you should be flushing your body with a significant amount of water.
  2. Poop it out.  We use specific supplementation that increases bile production to expedite the detox process and bind toxins for excretion.
  3. We then use ‘Multistep Oxygen Therapy’ to fully oxygenate the body and increase the ability of the mitochondria to create cellular energy to move toxins from the cell. You can watch this in more detail in the links below under our ‘Multi-Step Oxygen’ Therapy program.
  4. We use a Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS) to induce sweating.  
  5. We use heavy vitamin and mineral supplementation, including niacin to induce lipolysis, the destruction of fat cells.  This is essential since the body is so intelligent that it attempts to sequester toxins in the fat cells where they can do the least amount of damage. 

Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS)

FIRS has been a great advancement in the field of health.  A 20-year study by the University of Eastern Finland tracked mortality for 2300 middle aged men.  Over the course of the study, 49% of men who went into the sauna 1x a week died, compared with 38% of men who went into the sauna 2-3 x a week, compared to just 31% who went to a 4-7 x a week.  Additionally, frequent visits to a sauna were also associated with lower death rates from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

FIRS is a bit different in function compared to dry traditional saunas.  Traditional dry saunas heat the air, and the air heats you.  This is like your baking oven.  Traditional saunas operate around 180 degrees which make them very hot and intolerable for more than a brief session.  FIRS heat you, like the sun.  So you get the benefits of the sauna, but the temperature will seldom exceed 140 degrees, making it much more tolerable for extended sessions. 

Supplementation and Oxygen

We also use specific heavy supplementation for a few reasons.  First, it is to induce fat lipolysis, or breaking apart the fat cells.  Fat cells hold most of the toxins in the body.  Your body is so intelligent that if your body can’t detox itself from the toxins, it will sequester the toxins in fat cells since that’s where they do the least amount of damage. But once they’re sequestered in the fat cells, the toxins are difficult to get out.  By using heavy doses and proper timing with niacin, you can force lipolysis.  Niacin breaks down fat into FFA (free fatty acids) and glycerol, which allows toxins to be released into the fluid outside of the cells and the bloodstream.  

Niacin dosed in the proper amounts and time can spike the normal FFAs by 4x.  This means a massive increase in toxin release.

Using the FIRS, you will begin to sweat out toxins.  Dr. Root, who did much of the research, analyzed some of the sweat toxins from some of the 9/11 workers in NYC and found the purple sweat was the heavy metal Manganese, breathed into the lungs via the fires.   

Prior to FIRS, we use a derivative of ‘Multistep Oxygen Therapy’ to increase the heart rate and push the toxins thru the system.  By fully oxygenating the body, we can now increase the efficiency of the mitochondria to give the needed energy to the cell for detoxification.  Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) also increases the body temperature and pushes toxins under the skin ready to be sweat out.  

Before, during, and after each FIRS session, vitals are taken and supplements are used in high doses to maintain hydration and regulate electrolyte balance.  Most of the mobilized toxins will be excreted via sebaceous sweat.  However, some will permeate the GI tract.  Since most toxins and heavy metal ions have a positive charge, binders such as activated charcoal and zeolites are used to catch the toxins and heavy metal.  This allows toxins to be excreted via the colon and urine.

Once the heavy reliance on the niacin and the sauna is done, we use a specific detox formula for the long-term cleanup over the next month.  It’s simple to use and is only taken 2x/a day on an empty stomach.


Because of our own history of medication for close to 28 years, we’ve researched and completed the program back in July 2021 with resounding success.  In under six weeks of undergoing this work, my 3 different types of mercury levels decreased between 38-45%.  The results are posted online. 

During this time, I did nothing specific for my diet, exercise or any other habit (to isolate variables), though my health habits are definitely better than the average person.  I had also waited 6 weeks post-detox program before any post-testing was done; so the supplementation would be completely out of my system, and we would have a new baseline.

Since I take care of myself very well compared to most, I noticed more mental clarity after dumping these toxins out of my body.  However, most people are not at the same level of health and can notice even much more drastic changes.

Who is this for?

I did this because I just wanted to clean out and be the best I can be.  However, most people have much more health challenges than me.  

Symptoms of toxicity can be as simple as just not being as good as you once were, or they can be in the form of severe symptoms, like wheezing, adrenal fatigue, breast implant illness, weight loss resistance, dizziness, brain fog, headaches, hormone dysregulation, trouble sleeping, depression and mood changes, temperature dysregulation, symptoms of fibromyalgia, symptoms of Lyme disease and mold and chemical sensitivity, muscle and joint pain, and chronic inflammation.  Every one of these symptoms can be linked to a toxicity issue.  

. . . or a history of reactions to shots, pharmaceutical medications, steroids, chemotherapy, or any type of drug and alcohol addiction. 

If you’re extremely overweight, you should focus on losing weight first since fat sequesters toxic chemicals and metals. Unless you’re really having great symptomatic difficulty and need help more immediately, the first step for an obese patient is to lose weight.  For these individuals, we have a Doctor supervised weight loss program with immediate results.  We can also assist with detox supplementation during that time. This is because when you burn fat, toxins will be released into the system.  But for you to get the most out of your ‘Whole Body and Mind Detox’ program, you should be more at a relatively normal weight for you.

And when you do lose significant weight, it would be absolutely advisable to detox post weight loss.  

For me, besides the years of medical abuse to my body with pharmaceuticals and shots, I just wanted to be better and healthier.  Dr. David Jockers was a classmate of mine over 15 years ago and one of my go-to confidants for nutrition. He wrote that detoxing is more important than nutrition.  Instead of looking for the latest natural supplements or drugs to cover an issue, why not start with removing chemicals that should not be in your body in the first place? Clean the polluted soil first.  If you don’t, you’ll may not ever have the potential to function better.  Adding more supplements that won’t be able to remove the chemicals and toxic metals currently in your body won’t save you from the toxins already in your body.

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