Lipomelt Light Therapy

What is Lipomelt Light Therapy?

A current biohacker word is PHOTOBIOMODULATION (PBM).  PBM is when a person uses light therapy that elicits a specific function from the cells.  This does not mean all light. First, one must understand what is ‘light’.  Our understanding for light comes from the sun.  There is both invisible light, like xrays, and visible light, like the colors of the rainbow.  The only difference between invisible light and visible light is the wavelength of light and the human eye can only see a very narrow range of light.

The wavelength of light determines the specific physiologic response from the body.  For example, you may not be able to see UV light. However, if you sit out in the sun in the middle of summer, your body will adapt by raising your Vitamin D levels and melanin, which is your pigment. As a result, you will get a tan.

Xray light is invisible, but we can use it to create images of hard objects, like your spine.   When we speak of PBM, we’re not talking about ionizing radiation light, like gamma rays, x-rays or UV rays.  Cells have light receptors, called photoceptors.  This means your cells can sense light.  And you’ve experienced this.  If you leave your windows open, you go to sleep when it’s dark.  But without an alarm, when the sun rises, you slowly start to wake up.  Your body has light receptors sensitive to the sun and this regulates your sleep and wake cycle, also known as Circadian Rhythm.  The main point is that your body needs light and certain wavelengths of the light spectrum create physiological responses.

What is Red Light Therapy (RLT)
traditionally used for?

You may have heard of RED LIGHT THERAPY (RLT).  The most widely studied wavelength of ‘Red Light Therapy’ is 635nm and 850nm.  The 635nm wavelength penetrates the skin and supports skin tone and texture, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  There is even research yielding positive results in treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, reducing acne breakouts, and eradicating symptoms of psoriasis. The longer 850nm wavelength supports in wound healing and muscle recovery.   Many people also use these RLT wavelengths for support in building collagen, reducing inflammation, improved range of motion to the joints, and increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria.  One other thing RLT does well is help lose fat.

How does it work?

Here is how RLT is used for fat reduction.  The 635nM Red Light (RL) wavelength is the wavelength that has been most researched with fat loss.  The RL penetrates the skin and targets fat cells.  The RL causes the cell membranes (separates the internal contents from the outside of the cell) to become more permeable, meaning that more things can pass thru them.  Triglycerides move thru the membrane and into the extra cellular area.  

So the fatty acids, the water, and the glycerol move out of the cell and the fat cells begin to shrink.  Now, the fat cell, which once looked like a grape, now looks like a raisin.  And this happens until the fat cells are completely deflated.  

Now that the FFA is out of the cells, we need to remove it from the body.  We can either convert it into energy OR we can expel it thru the excretory system.  

First, one needs to understand conceptually that your body does not generally waste energy.  In fact, there a condition that is such an abomination to normal physiology that it is one of the leading causes of death today.  That condition is when your body wastes energy and you actually urinate sugar or glucose.  That is called diabetes.  Under normal conditions, your body would never do that. It uses energy.

Here’s how your body uses the FFA, water, and glycerol.  Once the permeability of the membrane is increased via the RLT, the fat, water, and glycerol enter into the space outside of the cell membrane, called the interstitial space.  This drains into your lymphatic system, which is like your circulatory system for non-blood.  The lymphatic system picks up the FFA, glycerol, and the water and these eventually gets dumped back into the circulatory system and processed by the liver to convert to energy via Fatty Acid Oxidation, also called Beta Oxidation.  This is where the glycerol is converted into glucose in the liver.  The glycerol that was diluted by the blood then passes out of the body thru the urine in about 30 minutes.   

Your body is incredible. Under normal conditions, your body doesn’t ever waste energy.  So the triglycerides either get used as energy or they’re diluted and are removed from the body.  The science is so simple.

Why did we choose RLT as opposed to other technologies available?

There are lots of alternatives to fat loss and these are some of the more popular ones.

Liposuction Surgery

  1. Invasiveness – highly and requires general anesthesia 
  2. MOA – traumatic removal of fat tissue
  3. Adverse Effects – trauma to body can cause body deformity (bumpy looking skin), infections, puncturing internal organs, fat embolisms, kidney heart lung problems due to changes in fluid levels, or toxicity to anesthetics.
  4. Recovery – guaranteed bruising, swelling, soreness lasting for weeks.  May require compression garment for 1-2 months with antibiotics. Takes at least a few weeks to resume work or other normal activities.
  5. Results – 6-8 lbs of fat removal per treatment.  3-4 weeks apart.
  6. Cost – ranges from $3500-$11,500 per treatment


  1. Invasiveness – none
  2. MOA – punctures holes in fat cells
  3. Adverse Effects – kills cells
  4. Recovery – no down time
  5. Tx – averages 6-8 session treatments, 30 min each tx at a frequency of 3x a week

Radio Frequency

  1. Invasiveness – none
  2. MOA – heats fat cells like a microwave.  Heat kills off the fat cells, removed thru lymphatic system
  3. Adverse Effects – permanent tissue damage due to skin burns, pocketing areas of fat loss due to inconsistent distribution of RF (like microwave warms food unevenly). Many patients have reported that they’ve experienced lumpiness on treated areas.
  4. Recovery – no down time

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

  1. Invasiveness – none
  2. MOA – RLT increases permeability of membrane to allow fat to mobilize and be picked up by lymphatic system 
  3. Adverse Effects – Pads may feel hot for some people. However, the intensity may be lowered. See below for the numerous secondary benefits.
  4. Recovery – no down time
  5. Tx – 10-12 treatments, 25 min each tx at a frequency of 2-3x a week

Cool Sculpt

  1. Invasiveness – none
  2. MOA – freezes fat cells, cells die and is drained thru the lymphatic system 
  3. Adverse Effects – kills cells
  4. Recovery – no down time
  5. Tx – averages 1-3 session treatments for each area

One thing you’ll notice is every one of these alternatives (except RLT) requires the killing of fat cells. Killing cells, even fat cells, is not necessarily good.  In fact, some people even accumulate fat in other areas after procedures that kill fat cells, such as with liposuction or laser treatments. The only time killing cells is good is when your body is doing it on purpose, via the immune system or autophagy which happens during fasting. In those situations, the body is killing weak cells, bacteria or viruses. And the intelligence of your own body is making decisions what to kill, not another person. All these alternatives can typically take at least 3-6 months to notice the final desired results. It takes time for the body to remove the fat and the body to adapt. For liposuction, it takes the body a long time for the body to heal due to the trauma. For CoolSculpt, Radiofrequency, and Laser, three months is just the time it takes for the full results for the fat to be removed. RLT works the same without the killing of cells.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone can benefit from Red Light Therapy (RLT), whether you’re looking for healing, reducing fine lines or wrinkles, or for fat loss. You will lose inches and pounds with RLT (unless you follow an unhealthy diet). One pound and 1 inch per treatment (total body combined) is typically expected. However, the best results are for people who are at a relatively healthy weight OR for those that are committed to a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and want a kick start to their journey. If you’re not going to commit to healthy lifestyle habits (especially with your diet), no matter what option you choose, it will not replace the effects of bad habits. However, if you’re ready to adhere to a healthier lifestyle and want to spot lose some inches in specific areas OR you need a kick start to your journey, this is for you.

And for those who are in the ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ category (, this is BEST used in conjunction with the healthy living weight loss program we also offer in our clinic. We also have muscle shaping and toning equipment to get you going (

And once you’ve achieved these goals, you just need to maintain it. It is that simple.

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