What is the Whole Body Makeover (WBM) program?

The WBM is a 2-6 week program designed to maximize overall fat loss while simultaneously accelerating inch loss in ‘problem areas’. The program blends all natural supplementation, meal planning, interactive real-time proprietary app monitoring, and advanced body sculpting tools to give you the figure you want in a small fraction of the time you’d do on your own. And you can expect zero downtime during this program.

Are the results sustainable?

The difference with the Regenesis Health & Body program is that you can maintain and sustain the weight and fat loss after you’ve completed the program. Afterall, how impressive would it be to lose the weight just to gain it all back in a short period time? Therefore, once you’ve completed the program, we transition you into a ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Lifestyle’ Phase to create a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that you’ll be able to do on your own without daily guidance.

How much does it cost?

Our programs vary in costs depending on your baseline and the goals you want to achieve. Once we assess your current body composition and understand your goals, we will be able to determine the costs associated with the customized recommended program. From this point, you can choose to follow recommendations or upgrade or downgrade the programs and/or services that align with your budget.

How do I begin and what is the process?

At Regenesis Health & Body, we understand that each person is unique in size, challenges, and goals. Therefore, we will first have a consultation to understand your history and overall goals. We then take a full body composition which includes weight, body fat %, muscle mass, and overall BMI to quantify your current state. We will then make recommendations based on your current size and goals. Once you start, you will be monitored by our staff through the interactive Regenesis Health & Body app and during your visits to the office for the latest non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting equipment. The short timeframe to complete the program makes it all even more motivating!

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